Our Panel of Advisors

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Dr. Md. Lutfor Rahman - (Environment and Climate Change Expert and Partnership Development)

Dr. Rahman is a Civil Engineering Specialist (Water Management). He has long standing leadership experience in research, managemnet ad implementation. He served as a former Director General at River Research Institute (RRI), Faridpur after his service at BWDB, WARPO, CEGIS on deputation. He hold various position, such as, Director, CSO, PSO, SSO at RRI. He also worked as Assistant Engineer/Upazila Engineer in LGED. He is Member, Civil Engineering Division, IEB, HQ; Central Council Member, IEB, HQ; ISO 9001:2015 lead Auditor/Auditor; Lifetime Achiever Awarded from IEB in 21st May 2022; Best Track Paper awarded from ICIEOM,Saudi Arabia; Awarded by Honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina MP • Awarded by Respected President of Bangladesh Md. Abdul Hamid • Ex- Chairman & Ex-Honorary Secretary of IEB Faridpur Centre, Faridpur • Published 70 research papers in differents jounrals, proceedings etc. • Member (M-57095)-IAHR, Life Member(LM#793)-ISH, Member (M#1934)-JAAB, • Member (M# 570)- BAAS; Member (M # 620)-BCS,Member-NOAMI,Member-BUETAA

Research Interest: He research interst focus on Civil Engineering in Water Management; Climate change adapation and mitigation. He is experienced in leading project management, liasion, fund raising and dissemination.

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Dr Subrata Chakraborty - (Co-Investigator and Partnership Development)

Dr Subrata Chakraborty is a Senior Lecturer with the School of Science and Technology with the Faculty of Science, Agriculture, Business, and Law at the University of New England, Australia. He received his PhD in Decision Support Systems from Monash University, Australia. Previously Dr Chakraborty worked as an academic with University of Technology Sydney, University of Southern Queensland, Charles Sturt University, Queensland University of Technology, and Monash University. Dr Chakraborty is also a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Modelling and Geospatial lnformation Systems (CAMGIS), within the Faculty of Engineering and IT, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia.

Dr Chakraborty current research interests include Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Image Processing, and Optimization with decision support applications in diverse domains including Health, Agriculture, Business, and Education.

Curently working with RED in developing some srudy proposals

Research Interest: Applied AI and data analytics in diverse domains including Health Informatics, Education Analytics, Remote Sensing, Business Decisions etc.

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Dr. Md Abdul Awal - (Senior Research Fellow, ICT in Agriculture and Co-Investigator)

Dr Awal is a Professor of Plant Ecology in the Department of Crop Botany Faculty of Agriculture Bangladesh Agricultural University. He has been working with RED as Senior Research Fellow since 2020.

Research Interest: Application of ICT in Agricultural Development, Crop Ecology and Climate Chnage, Department of Crop Botany Faculty of Agriculture Bangladesh Agricultural University

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Dr. Kali Pada Majumder - (Health Expert and Global Partnership Development)

Dr. KP Majumder is a Specialist physician in haemato oncology in NHS England, currently he is serving at Kings College Hospital London. Previously, he completed his post graduation (MPhil on Oncololgy and MPH from Sweden) after his graduation as medical doctor and during public service as Registrar of Sylhet MAG Oshmani Medical College. He has completed another Post graduate Research in Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweeden and MRCP from London. In UK, he was involved in North Middlesex University Hospital London, Queens Hospital Romford London, Lewisham and Greenwich University hospital, Maidstone hospital, Medway hospital, Canterbury group of hospitals in East Kent.

Research Interest: Some local charities involvement such as Macmillan Somerset Garden Cancer patients volunteering activities.

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Dr. Muhammed A Bhuiyan - (Investigator, Water and Environmental Engineering)

Dr. Bhuiyan is currently affiliated with the Department of Civil and Infrastructure Engineering at RMIT University. His research focuses on Water and Environmental Engineering, with expertise in a range of areas including drought modeling, climate variability analysis, irrigation technologies, environmental sustainability, water resources management, hydrological modeling, integrated water resources management, and Water Resources.

Recently, he has agreed to lend his advisory services to RED's initiatives, ensuring alignment with water and environmental engineering research, innovation, capacity development, consultancy, and partnerships.


Research Interest: Water and Environmental Engineering

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Dr Md Abdul Mannan - (Scientiest, Meteorology)

Dr Mannan is a scientest in meteorology. He has a long standing experience in research, teaching and consultancy in the area of meteorology focusing Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and climatology. Previously, Dr, Mannan worked as Scientiest with SAARC Meteorological Research Center (SMRC), Dhaka and as Meteorologist with Bangladesh Meteorological Deparment (BMD). 

Research Interest: Agro-cliamtology, Disaster Risk Management, Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) and climatology