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Research and Entrepreneurship Development Ltd (RED), registered under companies act 1994, is a consortium of output-oriented group of scholar who have the ingenuity and expertise in various disciplines of services, Nationally and internationally prominent trainers, academician, researcher, consultants, management experts, social and development workers including a team of competent practitioners initiated this institution with the objective to provide quality services to its clients. RED responds promptly on demand and addresses the felt needs with utmost care and attention.

Our unique focus to conduct comprehensive situation analyses, establishing baselines, assessing feasibility, and conducting impact studies to guide the design and development of processes, products, systems, and training materials. Additionally, we provide dedicated support for skills and entrepreneurship development. Our approach is rooted in a diverse array of disciplines, encompassing social, biological, environmental science, and engineering, allowing us to address a broad spectrum of societal challenges.

By integrating fundamental principles from these disciplines, we generate innovative solutions that not only address immediate societal needs but also mitigate climate and disaster risks. Our solutions span livelihood, water, food and nutrition security, WASH, environmental safeguard, public health domains, contributing to sustainable development and resilience in communities.