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Research and Entrepreneurship Development (RED) Ltd is as a consortium of output-oriented group of people who have the ingenuity and expertise in various disciplines of services. Nationally and internationally prominent trainers, academia, consultants, management experts, social and NGO workers including a team of competent practitioners initiated this institution with the objective to provide quality services to its clients. RED responds promptly on demand and addresses the felt needs with utmost care and attention.

RED focuses on interdisciplinary research, training, consultancy services to propose solutions through identifying challenges and opportites using baseline, endline, feasibility study, impact evaluation including EIA, exposure and risk assessment, data analytics, personalized support and guidance, skill development, technolgy promotion, such as, ICT, AI/ChatGPT, GIS and RS to address the equitable uses to disadvantaged youths by enabling them to improve their lives and break the cycle of poverty, and entrepreneurship developmet. Besides, sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition security, water and livelihood security, market study and development, climate change and disaster risk reduction; WASH, environment, health are some areas of research and propose policy .

Again, witnessing the contemporary world’s rapid shift to information and communication technology, RED responded positively and has developed facilities to participate in the changing trend. It has developed well-furnished and highly organized data entry and data management unit where services are provided by trained professionals. Members of RED has a group of nationally renowned specialist of diversified fields i.e. policy research, water management expert, environment expert, public health specialist, food quality expert, socio-economist, software engineer, computer trainer, baseline survey specialist, academics who are frequently carrying out research, case studies, monitoring and impact evaluation, impact and livelihood analysis for various studies. Member of RED has been providing independent Training and Consultancy services to various clients for over 20 years. Over the years RED has broadened the field of activities and they now cover almost every aspect from preliminary study to final design and implementation of a project.